All you Need to Know about Repatriation Services in Singapore

Repatriation service is defined as the act of transferring the body of the deceased or ashes from the foreign country to the native land of the person who is deceased. This process is carried out by the will of the deceased or in the absence of it by the will of the deceased person’s family’s desire of where to bury or bid adieu to the deceased in his very own native land. Singapore is a famous tourist place and a home to various people who migrate from different parts of the world.

Death is inevitable and so repatriation services are a part and parcel in Singapore. There are numerous repatriation services in Singapore that many funeral service providers, provide. They various services of repatriation help in easing the repatriation process.

Repatriation service providers provide international services including transposition of the deceased person, the consecrating, the supply of an appropriate casket to ease the transportation via air; they also ensure the legal official agreement and the required legal documents and paperwork that are required for foreign transfer and also arrange flight tickets to the deceased person’s native country.

If a person passes away at the time of a tour to Singapore or while working there as a migrant, Repatriation services in Singapore help in transposing and airlifting the deceased from abroad to the homeland safely. The repatriation services in Singapore are affordable and not very expensive. The repatriation services in Singapore ease the burden of the deceased person’s family by offering full support.

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