Buddhist funerals: Traditions and Mannerisms

Buddhists have a very simple funeral ceremony. The funeral can take place at home, a prayer hall or on a temple. A wake, memorial service or a reception might follow after the funeral. The funeral is usually conducted by a monk or a Buddhist priest. At the funeral prayer meet the casket is placed in the hall an a picture of the deceased person is kept near the casket along with some burning incense sticks, flowers fruits etc.

Some Buddhists also prefer to keep Lord Buddha’s picture near the casket as well. The visitors who come to pay their last respects are expected to wear light colored clothes, preferably white. The visitors must maintain a mellow demeanor, as is expected at a funeral. The visitors must also bear in mind to bring only white flowers, if bringing flowers at all.

The Buddhist funeral rites are usually conducted in the morning. The family of the departed soul can either opt for burial or cremation. This choice entirely depends on the family as Buddhism is silent regarding this. Unlike in Christianity, Buddhism does not prohibit organ donation. Organ donation can be performed before performing the last rites. Bringing flowers to the funeral is almost customary and is seen as a good practice amongst Buddhist. Flowers are seen as a condolence to the grieved family.

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