Buddhist’s Approach on Death and Funeral

Death of a beloved is a tragic experience. The word itself includes a thousand emotions; loneliness, grief, mourning, void, loss and everything sad. It shakes the root of an entire family.   However all of us are mortal. Whether sudden or anticipated, the family members of the deceased have to accept the truth of death and tame actions accordingly. Just like every other community in Singapore the Buddhist community in Singapore also have a unique set of rituals to be followed at the time of funerals. The Buddhists view of death is that death is natural, meant to occur and a part of life just like happiness is, just a part of life, so is death, they also believe in the concept of rebirth after death.

Buddhist funeral customs in Singapore are differing from sect to sect and countries to countries. While some Buddhist groups in Singapore follow a traditional, brimming with rituals, funerals; yet some others follow a simple process with few rituals in the funeral. Some hold extravagant lavish funerals while others follow a simple funeral. This difference in rituals demands for funeral service providers who must offer various Buddhist funeral services in Singapore customised and served as the client so requires.

An ideal package of Buddhist funeral services in Singapore must consist the following:

  1. Casket Service Activation.
  2. HDB void deck setup, tables and chairs.
  3. Altar; themed curtains and carpets and musical prayers.
  4. Mobile toilet rental.
  5. Embalming make up services.
  6. Photo enlargement services.
  7. Fresh floral arrangements.
  8. Vegetarian food offerings.
  9. Ceremonial items.
  10. Gifts, flowers, air conditioned buses and water set up.

To bid farewell to our loved ones is important and an overwhelming experience altogether. We can make sure it is an aesthetic and successful one by hiring renowned providers of Buddhist funeral services in Singapore and also the Buddhist funeral services in Singapore, extended by funeral service providers assures you that all the aspects of the funeral are served in the best of spirits.

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