Buddhists’ View of Death And Funerals

Death is a jolting experience. The word death brings with it a thousand emotions; sadness, grief, emptiness, hollowness, loss and what not? It shocks the entire family.

However death is inevitable. Whether anticipated or not the family members of the deceased have to accept the reality and take the right, quick and required action. Such times are an overwhelming experience for all, and possibly the toughest challenge is to stand firm and take decisions and also to figure out what steps should be taken after such news. Since this is a situation, not many of us go through often in our lives it is absolutely normal for us to have little knowledge about what to do if it ever occurs in our family.

Just like every other community, the Buddhist community have a distinct set of rituals for funerals. The Buddhists view death as something natural, inevitable and a part and parcel of life, with the concept of an attached rebirth to it. People outside the Buddhist faith might believe that grief is minimised in the Buddhist tradition. But this is not the truth; grief is undoubtedly universal but the ones left behind should learn to live a new life without their loved ones being physically present with them.

Buddhist funeral customs vary within various sects and countries. Some Buddhist groups follow very traditional ritualistic funerals; while others simply follow a simple, solemn and dignified process of funeral. Some spend extravagantly on lavish funerals while others rather prefer a simple and decent ritualistic funeral. Because of this, there are many funeral service providers offering various sets of Buddhist funeral package customised and tailored according to different groups’ needs.

A perfect Buddhist funeral package includes the following services:

  • Casket Service Activation.
  • HDB void deck setup, tables and chairs.
  • Altar; themed curtains and carpets and musical prayers.
  • Mobile toilet rental.
  • Embalming make up services.
  • Photo enlargement services.
  • Fresh floral arrangements.
  • Vegetarian food offerings.
  • Ceremonial items.
  • Gifts, flowers, air conditioned buses and water set up.

The final journey of our loved ones is important. By choosing a reliable Buddhist funeral package, we can be assured that all the aspects of a funeral are well taken care of.

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