Catholic Funeral Package: An Overview

Funerals are a heavy emotional moment for the family members and near and dear ones. On that one day, all the memories of the deceased one come flowing as cherished moments. Therefore, people desire that the final goodbye to the deceased one is given in the best possible manner. In big cities like Singapore, there are many companies which provide funeral service to their clients. The various types of funerals depending upon the religion and believes of the deceased one are provided in form of packages, for instance, companies or agencies in Singapore provide a catholic funeral package for those families which believe or follow any particular religion.

The Catholic funeral provided by these companies in Singapore provides the following services to their client:

  • Arrangement for the funeral day which includes everything from decoration, food, guests’ management, overall ambiance handling, and other things.
  • Priest is also appointed by the same agency, which fulfils all the procedures, and religious practices as per the catholic believe.
  • The casket, in which the deceased one will be laid, is also prepared by the agency depending upon the requirements of the client.
  • The religious sayings, the speech is also handled by these agencies often, but only in collaboration with the family members of the bygone.
  • The taking of the casket to the burial site, performing the whole burial procedure come in the account of the agency.


Make the last day of final adieu to your loved and near and dear one memorable with the catholic funeral package provided by agencies in Singapore; and pray for the peaceful afterlife of the same. Also, these companies provide various other packages, like Buddhist package, Soka funeral package, and even non-religious funeral packages; which can be even be customized by the client family.

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