Catholic Funeral: Traditions and Customs

The catholic funerals are traditionally focused on prayers for the departed soul. They believe in life after death and hence, they pray for the well being of the soul which has left for the heavenly abode. According to the catholic belief, the soul goes to heaven, hell or purgatory depending upon their deeds during their lifetime. Purgatory is a place where a soul is redeemed of sins and then sent to heaven, if the soul’s sins are forgivable. There are catholic funeral packages available in Singapore. These packages help to conduct the funeral in a smooth and hassle free manner.

A catholic funeral starts with the priest giving an introductory prayer or conducting a rite to start the funeral service. After this, the coffin is brought down the aisle and holy water is sprinkled on the deceased. After this, prayers are said, a few verses from the bible are read out and snippets from the life of the deceased soul are shared amongst friends and family. After the mass is conducted, the coffin is taken from the church to the graveyard. A few more prayers are said before burying the deceased person. The burial (or the cremation) is the last rite of the funeral. You can opt for a Catholic funeral package. These packages will take care of everything from the start, so that you don’t have to work in these trying times.

There is a certain etiquette that is deemed acceptable in catholic funerals. The funeral is usually quiet and mellow. The guests are expected to behave in a very mellow and respectable manner. People should dress modestly. Choose colors that are not very bright. Black is the most acceptable color to wear during a funeral. Men are expected to wear a suit and a tie and women are expected to wear a dress which covers their knees and shoulders.

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