Christian Funeral Package: Explore the Customs and Traditions

Christian funerals take place almost a week after death. If the person is on the deathbed for a long time, a minister is called. That minister prepared them for death and asks them whether they want to be buried or cremated. The funeral is conducted in a somber and quiet manner. It can take place either in a church or a crematorium. Organizing a funeral can be harsh on the aggrieved family. Many organizations provide funeral packages in which they organize everything from start to finish. A Christian funeral package will have all the necessary rites that are required in a Christian funeral.

A traditional Christian funeral starts with a gathering of friends and family. They gather and the priest reads out verses from the bible. The priest also shares personal experiences of the departed soul. If the family members or friends want to offer a prayer or share an anecdote from the life of the deceased, they can do so at this time. Afterwards, the priest offers prayers for the departed soul. This is followed by observing silence, which is known as reflection. The last step of the funeral is committal, where the coffin is taken to the burial ground or the crematorium. Christians have started accepting cremation lately. If the person is cremated, their ashes are returned to the family. Traditionally, people keep the ashes or scatter the ashes at some place which was important for the deceased person.

Hymns might be sung throughout the funeral service. In some cases, the deceased person has already told their family earlier the type of hymns and prayers they want at their funeral service. Instruct the funeral package provider according to your needs and they will ensure that the funeral is conducting effortlessly. If you don’t have any specific choices for hymns and prayers, a Christian funeral package will contain some suitable hymns and prayers.

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