How to organize a Funeral Service in Singapore under a Budget

Funeral arrangement may be an unnerving task that many of us would tend to avoid. However, it is vital to take ownership of the course of funeral preparations. If one is not careful, the costs that go into funeral planning and preparations can hit the budget critically. Certain agencies provide funeral services in Singapore keeping in view the bereaved family’s budget. They provide funeral packages in Singapore that saves from incurring unnecessary costs and make sure that everything planned out remains under a strict budget.

Some tips to organize a funeral under a budget are as follows:

  • Price List Agencies engaged in providing funeral services in Singapore have general and specific price list for funeral ceremony. Religious package like Buddhist funeral package may cost different from general funeral package in Singapore. Understand the difference and then select accordingly.
  •  Direct Burial Funeral Service providers in Singapore has both options, either go for direct burial with no embalming or visitation or be at the cemetery for the burial. If the family chooses to be at the cemetery for the burial, the funeral package in Singapore will be having an additional fee for the graveside service.
  •  Simplify the Casket A reputed agency engaged in providing funeral services in Singapore will not mislead the bereaved family. If the family clears to the funeral director about the budget, a good funeral director will take care of the simplified casket while planning the funeral package in Singapore
  •  Opt for a green burial A “green” or “natural” burial is cheaper and avoids using toxic embalming chemicals and steel caskets, which don’t biodegrade. A lot many agencies providing funeral packages in Singapore are using this concept for families under budget constraint for funeral ceremony.

 These are certain tips under which one can plan for funeral under a budget.

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