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Repatriation Package

Repatriate your loved one with our cost effective repatriation package. This international repatriation package depends on whether the deceased is to be transported to the homeland country or imported to Singapore. Our charges start at $2,000 and may increase depending on the number of days the service is offered and the distance covered during repatriation. We are the domestic brand when it comes to the transnational Funeral Repatriation Solutions in Singapore. We offer a standard price that is fair and favorable as outlined on the website.
We will always agree on the estimate financial details based on your repatriation requirement. The following is the rundown for our repatriation package:

Repatriation from Singapore (Outbound) Singapore to Any Other Country

  • Provision of a translator to interpret the local language spoken by the bereaved family to our repatriation specialists.
  • Collection of the deceased from Funeral parlor/home/hospice.
  • Airlifting charges and airway charges to ship the deceased to a defined destination.
  • Signing and issuing of necessary documents to obtain the coffin export license from the port authorities as per the regulations of the outbound country.
  • Conducting and managing the necessary logistics required to transport the deceased back to the home country.
  • Provision of a ventilating parlour to supply fresh air while waiting for official clearance at the port.
  • Linking with the overseas Funeral parlor to collect the casket and the body.
  • The signing of the necessary documents for airport and airline clearance.

Repatriation to Singapore (Inbound) Any Other Country Back to Singapore

  • Repatriation policy differs from one country to another and we can always guide on specific necessities associated with a particular destination.
  • Acquiring import license from the port health department and obtaining the burial or cremate permit.
  • Provision of the necessary documents and logistics to escape unnecessary delay overseas.
  • Smooth airlifting of the bereaved family back to Singapore.
  • Allocation of funeral specialists to escort and console the bereaved family where necessary.
  • Connecting with the funeral homes abroad to issue or take orders from the smooth transition of the body.
  • Applying air tickets for bereaved families returning home to pay their last respect to the deceased.
  • Approval of all the necessary paperwork for airport and airline clearance.

Payment Method

Our repatriation Package can be paid in cash, visa/master card, cheque, AMEX, and installment payment schedules without interest attached.

Why Choose Us?

Our repatriation experts are more than capable of dealing with any issues regarding worldwide repatriation. We handle all the necessary paperwork, arrange for transport, and can even help with conducting funeral ceremonies and burial. Our clients respect us because of our professionalism and the amount of support we have offered families during bereavement. Our staff is committed to providing help 24/7 and offer detailed information on what to expect every step of the way. Most importantly, we partner with airline companies, funeral directors, assistance companies and government institutions in order to repatriate the deceased smoothly and with the highest honor.

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Reach us today at our 24/7 helpline number Eternity Funeral and get more details on how to engage our repatriation services. You may also convey your message using the contact form embedded on this website. We are always ready to serve you at your comfort.

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