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Soka Funeral Package in Singapore

At the start, we categorically deliver two Soka Funeral Packages tagged with different prices depending on the number of days of service. We charge $3,800 for 3-day Soka funeral package consisting of arrangement, casketing, immolation, cosmetology, embalming, and pall bearer services. Additionally, we offer a 5-day Soka Funeral Package at a cost of $4,500 to cater for all the requirements expected during Soka funeral service delivery. This package is also graced by casketing, arrangement, cosmetology, embalming, and pall bearer services. Our soka packages cost friendly to many families in Singapore.

Below is a detailed list of services incorporated in Soka Funeral package here in Singapore:

Here is a detailed breakdown of this popular package:


  • A polished wood finish casket (with glass) and with choice of either light or dark wood colour (for the basic package)

Collection and Preparation of the Body

  • Collection the body from either home or hospital to our office
  • Embalming of the body at our professional embalming theatre
  • Cosmetology services inclusive of hair and makeup by our experienced morticians
  • Dressing and casketing. Family to provide clothes for the deceased. Alternatively, you can get clothes from us but there will be additional charges
  • Transporting the casket (with the body)

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Booking of cremation slots
  • Glass hearse to transfer Casket to Crematorium for cremation.
  • Pall bearer services

Casket Area Set Up

  • White tent setup, curtains and carpeted flooring in the casket area
  • Surround canvas (2 pieces)
  • Soka funeral backdrop, decor and alter the setup

Tables and Chairs for the Wake

  • 10 round tables and 15 square ones
  • 100 plastic chairs

Fans and General Lightings

  • 2 large standing fans
  • 4 small fans
  • General lighting for the whole void deck wake area (inclusive of the running of electrical wires)

Mobile Toilet

  • Mobile toilet (1 unit) will be provided throughout the wake

Funeral Photo Setup

  • 1 enlarged photo plus 6 passports sized ones
  • Wooden photo frame to house the enlarged photo (size: 10 inches by 12 inches)
  • 1 floral wreath to line the photo frame (size: 11 inches by 13 inches)

Other Essentials

  • Floral arrangements using fresh funeral flowers
  • 1 air con coach to bring relatives and guest to Crematorium and back
  • 1 register book for funeral donations recording purposes

Why Choose Our Soka Funeral Package?

We have a dedicated team well adept in customs associated with Soka funeral services. This makes us pay undivided attention to Soka funerals solutions. Furthermore, our company co-founder is one of the leaders at Singapore Soka Association so we are well conversant with all the practices of Soka. We know what is befitting to the deceased associated with Soka groups.

Most staffs holding the department of Soka funeral services are Soka believers with prolonged experience in cemetery operations. We are thrilled to offer quality funeral services with the ultimate honor to the families of Singapore. Our urge to be the leading funeral service provider motivates us to work hard every day in pursuit of feedback from our satisfied customers across Singapore. We are not only trading to get profit but also use the opportunity to gain experience and give back to the community through caring, devotion, and loving.

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