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Taoist Funeral Package in Singapore

Our Taoist funeral package encompasses Taoist backdrop, Taoist priest chanting, decoration at the casket arena, casket, tables, chairs, floral arrangements, lanterns, and lightening of hurricane lamps on a funeral day. Since Taoist funeral services and customs differ from one ethnic group to another, the requirements may significantly vary depending on the culture of the bereaved family. Nevertheless, based on our extensive knowledge of Taoist funeral services, we are flexible enough to adapt practices that suit the need of all Taoist families.

The prices of our Taoist package ranges from $5000 to $8000 depending on the services offered and the items consumed during the funeral procession.

Premium Quality Casket

  • Reserving Cremation space where necessary
  • The first-class casket with a glass cover for viewing the body ( We have multiple colors you can choose from)
  • Transporting the body from funeral home and Embalming makeup service ( Proper clothing )

​Wake Setup

  • 4 Framed Photos (11” by 8”)
  • 6 Passport sized photos
  • 2 Floral Frame
  • 2 Table Top Arrangement
  • Reception table to welcome mourners
  • Contribution jar ( Safe Box ) and Record Book
  • 24″ Canvas Inclusion
  • Bordering Canvas ( 4 pieces )
  • 2 Street lamp
  • 2 Funeral Notice to be displayed at a funeral wake
  • 2 units of VIP Mobile Toilet
  • 2 units of Fridge for drinking water and other soft drinks
  • Food and Beverages ( We only charge what is consumed)
  • 3 Large Stand-up Fans
  • 6 Small size Fans
  • Full Lighting for the Whole Void Deck Wake Area
  • White Curtains  and Carpet to cover the floor of the Casket Zone
  • Taoist Religious Design ( We have multiple setups to be chosen by the bereaved family)
  • Condolence Book
  • 20 Square tables
  • 8 Round tables
  • 500 Chairs
  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl and Pillow set

​Paper Products & Paper House

  • Paper Maids
  • Funeral Lanterns labeled with surname and age
  • Small lantern and soul’s lantern associated with the culture of the bereaved family
  • 8″ Handcrafted Paper House
  • Gold and Silver Mountains
  • Black Safe/Treasure Chest
  • Red Clothing Chest

​Taoist Priest Chanting Rituals

  • 2 to 5 Taoist Priest performing the last night rituals normally between ( 7pm to 10:00pm )
  • 1 The priest performing Taoist Rites while moving the body into the casket
  • 1 Priest implementing Funeral rituals at the wake before moving to the crematorium or burial ground

​Funeral Day Service

  • Floral water design for mourners and relatives
  • Expert Pall Bearers
  • Ritual helper and lantern bearers
  • 1 way Taoist Grand Traditional Hearse Transportation
  • 1 two way Air-con Bus ( 45 Sweaters )
  • 40 Towel with Coins
  • Support for ash collection services

​Non-Inclusive Items in our package

These items are optional and may be chosen based on the need of the bereaved family. The prices favorably differ depending on the rate of consumption.

  • Food Catering
  • Taoist traditional items such as joss sticks, joss paper, candles, white t-shirts and pants.
  • Paper Car etc.
  • Drinks and consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, fruits, etc.
  • Funeral Day Live music drama

Why Choose Our Taoist Funeral Package?

We are the leading Taoist funeral service provider here in Singapore. Our Taoist professionals are well adept in Taoist traditions and have satisfactorily served Taoist families for a period of 30 years. Our prices are favorable because we believe all the deceased deserves a ceremonious send-off regardless of social class. In reality, all our charges are published on our website to avoid price scam.

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We are available 24/7 to attend your Taoist funeral need at your comfort. Call our hotline and request a quote. Alternatively, you may also fill our online form embedded on this page and our Taoist specialist will respond with the appropriate solution.

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