Repatriation Services in Singapore

The term repatriation refers to the act of transposing the deceased’s body or ashes from the outlandish country to the native land of the deceased. This process is escorted by the will of the deceased or his/her family’s desire to bury their loved one in their native soil.

Singapore is a land of tourism and a country of migrants from all over the world. Death is bound to happen to all and everyone, thus repatriation services are a basic necessity there. There are various repatriation services in Singapore provided by different funeral service providers. They offer various services to ease the repatriation process.

Repatriation service providers serve outright international services varying from removal of the dead person, the consecrating, the supply of an appropriate casket to ease the transportation via air; it also includes signing the agreement and the required legal documents and paperwork that are necessary for foreign transfer and the flight to the deceased person’s native country.

If a relative of ours passes away while on a tour to foreign land or while working abroad, Repatriation services in Singapore help in relocating and in airlifting the deceased person from overseas to their homeland safely.

The repatriation services in Singapore are not overpriced as may be criticised by others who do not have knowledge about the matter. The repatriation service providers help in supporting the deceased person’s family at this time of sorrow and grief. The reason behind the existence of the repatriation service providers is to support the deceased person’s family and ease the process whether inbound or outbound to Singapore.

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