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Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore

Buddhist Funeral rites are usually associated with reincarnation. Buddhist believes that birth, old age, sickness, and death prepares individuals for an afterlife. They believe that birth and death form a life cycle described as Samsara in their holy book. In this case, a well-organized Buddhist funeral service helps the deceased smoothly transition into the next life. After death, Buddhists are to be buried or cremated depending on the will of the deceased or the wish of the surviving family. According to Buddhist belief, the body must be clothed and bathed before cremation or interment. Buddhist monk should be preferably present during the cremation or interment to chant Buddhism funeral rites. The Eternity Funeral is a global Buddhist funeral servicer dedicated to helping Buddhist families to honor their loved ones in a special manner. Our Buddhist monks are well adept in Buddhism practices during the funeral procession. The death of loved ones portrays that life is valuable and is a compulsory rite in the practice of Buddhists.

The demise of our loved ones is sorrowful and creates a pain that is sometimes difficult to heal. Accordingly, our monks are always available to console the bereaved Buddhist families. Our experts will guide you based on the teachings associated with Buddhism. We work with middle partners to help prepare the deceased according to the wish of the family. These include funeral home, mortuary, hospital, and Monk temples. Don’t hesitate if you need support on Buddhist funeral services, our Singapore team can offer professional advice related to your Buddhism traditions.

Why Choose our Services?

Eternity Funeral is a reliable funeral service director experienced in conducting and arranging Buddhist Funeral Services. We have experienced service team which caters solely for Buddhist funeral cases. We serve families with honesty and competence from design to burial or cremation. Our Buddhist specialists work around the clock to bring hope and relief to the bereaved families whose lives are shattered by the death of their loved ones. We serve all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. At Eternity Funeral, we have been issuing professional advice to Buddhists during the conduct of most funeral processions here in Singapore. Our dedication to guaranteeing a proper practice of Buddhists funeral rites has made us on top of the list amongst our competitors. It is our pleasure to continuously serve the bereaved Buddhist families that acquire our funeral services amidst our competitors.

Our Buddhist Funeral Package Price

Our Buddhist funeral packages are affordably charged because we believe Buddhist families deserve a dignified funeral procession. We have a standard pricing policy published on our website. For this package, we charge $4,200 for (3) days funeral wake and $5,800 for (5) days funeral stay. We are at your service daily, when you need our Buddhist funeral services. Visit this link to view full details regarding our Buddhist funeral packages.

Want to Inquire About Our Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore?

For elaborate details on our Buddhist Funeral packages, simply contact us at our helpline number. One of our Buddhist representatives will respond to your call with Buddhism funeral solution. Alternatively, you may also fill the online form embedded on this website.

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