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Catholics usually adhere to their teachings and beliefs in everything they do. They obey doctrines associated with morals and faith in God. Catholics believe that Jesus died and resurrected to save mankind from sin. They strongly believe in life after death. Their books categorically state that after death, the deceased may be pronounced to go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. According to their teachings, while in Purgatory God purify their sins in order to secure them a place in heaven. Most Catholics believe that the deceased will be restored to life when Christ returns. According to Catholic funeral customs, they conduct a vigil prayer at Catholic Church compound or funeral home sanctuary. Friends and family members can opt to relinquish their tributes at the vigil. The priest is always available at the vigil to recite prayer related to Catholic funeral practices. Catholics perform the Rite of Committal at the interment site where the body is finally buried. Family, relatives and friends assemble together with the deacon to pray and honor the deceased for the last time. The deacon must bless the grave to make it holy before the burial. After the interment site is blessed, the body will be placed inside and be covered with soil. After which, the priest will then recite prayers associated with burial to mark the end of the committal rite. Ultimately, the family of the deceased may request for special hymns or readings to keep them company after the mass.
Catholic funeral sessions are regularly adorned by the families, friends and other well-wishers. The burial is usually attended by mourners who come together to offer tribute to the deceased. A Catholic priest leads the mourners and is predominantly the one to recite the prayers and perform other Catholic rites registered on their Dogma. Our company intends to make such events to be successful and ceremonious as possible. We are well acquainted with Catholic funeral rite and we apply them to deliver honorary send-off that the deceased deserve.
We are the best when it comes to Catholic funeral services. We extend our professional service at a funeral wake, funeral mass, and funeral rituals. The funeral mass involves catholic prayer and Holy Communion. During the taking of the Holy Communion, the mourners and church members walk towards the priest and collect the host. Our professional funeral Catholic priests are aware of all these Catholic traditions, and this makes funeral flourishing and ceremonious. We can organize this event at the home of the deceased family, open environment or church parlors. We are the chosen catholic funeral servicer here in Singapore.

Why Choose Our Catholic Funeral Service?

We are the Catholic funeral service provider preferred by many Catholic believers here in Singapore. We are devoted to offering catholic funeral services in a professional and compassionate manner at your convenient time. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is created to give you as much personal support as possible in your time of need. Our strength is triggered by our experience, which empowers us to attend to your catholic funeral need in a special way. Our standard pricing rule is fair to all Catholic families. Most importantly, we are signatories to the government registration authorities for best practice in emergency situations, especially when acquiring death certificate or burial permit. We stay committed to ensuring befitting burial; hence our professionals are well trained to handle everything in the way of Catholic norms.

Catholic Funeral Package Price

Our Catholic Funeral Package starts at only $2,588 and is for funerals held at interment site. The details of the package include Virgil, Burial, Funeral mass and Holy Communion. Click here to be directed to our Catholic funeral package and find more details for your decision. The services are cataloged for you to know what you will be billed for.

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Call us today and inquire about our Catholic funeral packages. You may also contact us through our online form and wait for the response from our specialist. Don’t bother yourself about the time or the day; we are accessible 24/7 for 360 days in a year.

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