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Christian funeral rites vary depending on the denomination associated with the deceased. Generally, Christians believe that when someone perishes, they are arbitrated by God. The righteous enjoy an afterlife in heaven while sinners are thrown to hell. Christians believe that hell is a burning fire used to destroy sinners. However, the bible does not give vast information about life after death. It is definitely safe to admit that the deceased enters into a world that is beyond the imagination of the living. The Bible categorically portray that there is death, sorrow, and funeral sessions. This makes an integral part of the Christian funeral tradition.

Christian funeral service is a holy and ceremonious occasion that signifies the unity between the dead and the bereaved family. It is an opportunity for friends and families to grieve their loved ones and wish them a safe journey to the land of the dead. As usual, Christian funeral customs include but not limited to prayers, Reading Bible, singing of hymns, reading of eulogy to remember the deceased and burial in consecrated ground. We are here to offer professional advice and help you to organize a funeral procession that is ceremonious and memorable.

Why Choose our Singapore Christian Funeral Services?

At Eternity Funeral, we endeavor to provide enough information to the bereaved families for them to make an intellectual decision that suits a given funeral requirement. You can rely on us to help you coordinate a customized tribute to your loved one. We will offer step by step guidance on how to conduct a successful funeral procession. We are the funeral service provider that provides quality funeral services beyond the imagination of all competitors across Singapore. You will discover why most Singapore families trust our funeral services when it comes to burial and cremation services. Most Christian families prefer our services because we are reliable, accountable, expertise and well-equipped with all the necessary funeral goodies. Our professionals are well-trained in Christian norms associated with funeral services, and church doctrines valued by different Christian churches. Quality work is the key to our mission – engage our funeral services and you will know why we are the preferred Christian Funeral Director in Singapore.

A Promise of Transparent Pricing

You can engage our Christian funeral service with confidence. We have a standard price policy that makes our charges transparent, this is why we check our prices daily to ensure we are extremely competitive. The packages are cataloged to enable you to identify what you are billed for. They are indisputable and can only be changed by our directors. This shows clearly that we don’t have any hidden charges on our services. Our aim is to deliver products and services at a fair and affordable for all customers regardless of factors related to human wealth. We charge $4,000 for a 3 days funeral wake and $4,700 for a 5 days service. We are readily available to attend your funeral wants at your call.

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You can rely on us to help you organize a wonderful Christian funeral ceremony here in Singapore. Kindly reach us through and inquire about our Christian funeral service packages. You may also drop us a message through our contact form and our professional advisors will get back to you with the right feedback.

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