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Non-Religious Funeral Services in Singapore

You may opt for our non-religious funeral services when the deceased did not associate with any religion. This is a good option when the deceased had been living as an Atheist. Because there are no historical procedures and customs associated with this type of funeral, the format is usually judged by the will of the deceased or wishes the surviving family. There is no layout for this type of funeral and the allowances for funeral wishes are more accepted and expected by families. As a result, a non-religious funeral ceremony should also be conducted in a respectful way. Here, we consider other perceptions such as the previous life style of the deceased, traditional customaries, and character personalities. We will interview the family, exhaust all the possibilities of the aforementioned factors, and define the best funeral solution for the deceased. We are aware that everyone is lost in mind during this time of sorrow; it is hard for the family to arrange the funeral activities during this time. Therefore, we are available to console and help you coordinate all the funeral services.

Why Singapore Bereavement Services?

At Eternity Funeral, our experienced Chief director and professional staffs will listen and attend your funeral wants at the time of the call. We value the services we offer to the bereaved families and ensure that the funeral arrangement is executed procedurally for an honorary send-off. We are thrilled to serve our customers with respect, sympathy, and love during this sorrow moment. Our key responsibility in this business is to bring hope and remold the life that has been traumatized by the loss of relatives, friends or loved ones. Our experience and quality work are felt everywhere around Singapore. We pride ourselves in providing optimal funeral solutions with topnotch respect to the families in Singapore. We conduct funeral services as a chance to boost ourselves and the society through passion, dedication, and caring. Thanks to all families that have once preferred to engage our free thinker funeral package. Your feedback is boosting us at the market space.

Our Free Thinker Funeral Package Price

At Eternity Funeral, our all in one free thinker’s funeral service package is inclusive enough to accommodate all the services you will need to carry out funeral processions without any problem. The prices are clearly enlisted per items, so you can easily identify what you are paying for. Our prices remain unchanged and are low to fit the budget of both the rich and poor. We value everything published or quoted on our website. For this package, we have a constant charge of $4,000 for a 3 days funeral operation and $ 4,700 for a 5 days service.

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You can inquire about Our Free Thinker Funeral Package, by calling our hotline at +65 5454 9854. We are available to serve you every day for 7 days a week. You can also fill our online form linked on this website.

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