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A Soka funeral commemoration is led by a Soka Gakkai leader rather than a priest during a Buddhist funeral service. The above leader performs a Sutra recital through chanting method. Other Soka members again accompany the leader during this chanting for the deceased. This is done because a Soka leader can sincerely perform the chants without any formality or pretension by someone inexperienced in this field. Members of Soka Gakkai also adhere to the belief that the rituals or sermons performed will not aid the deceased. Rather, these members believe that enlightenment brought upon by the sincere Sutra recital and Daimoku chanting will aid the person who has passed on. As such, it is very important for the Soka leader and members to be wholehearted as they perform these rituals.
We are the trusted Soka Funeral service provider in Singapore. Our Soka funeral services are handled by skilled staffs with extended experience in Nichiren and Buddhism. Soka devotees believe that everyone is linked with Buddhahood and so he or she has no vicars or clergy. In most cases, Soka is contemplated as an abridged form of Buddhism. In a nutshell, it is a Japanese Buddhist which is associated with the teachings of Nichiren. Today, there are many Soka associations scattered around the world.
Soka Funeral Service is conducted in accordance with the beliefs of Nichiren Buddhism. Its aim is to exhibit undisputable sympathy to the dead and deliver heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families. However, the procession is less involving as compared to customs of Buddhism funerals. Conferring to the beliefs of Soka, our Soka Gakkai leader recites the sutra and incantation of daimoku during the funeral session to farewell the deceased to the new land.

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We have a dedicated team well adept in customs associated with Soka funeral services. This makes us pay undivided attention to Soka funerals solutions. Furthermore, our company co-founder is one of the leaders at Singapore Soka Association so we are well conversant with all the practices of Soka. We know what is befitting to the deceased associated with Soka groups.
Most staffs holding the department of Soka funeral services are Soka believers with prolonged experience in cemetery operations. We are thrilled to offer quality funeral services with the ultimate honor to the families of Singapore. Our urge to be the leading funeral service provider motivates us to work hard every day in pursuit of feedback from our satisfied customers across Singapore. We are not only trading to get profit but also use the opportunity to gain experience and give back to the community through caring, devotion, and loving.

Our Soka Funeral Package Price

Our charge for Soka funeral package is affordable and includes everything associated with Soka traditions. Some of the services linked to Soka beliefs include but not limited to embalming, casketing, pallbearer services, cosmetology, setup, and cremation. We have a standard pricing policy published on the website with all the chargeable items detailed for your view. The content of the packages is clearly listed to enable you to know what you are charged for.
We are a highly reputable company and do not associate ourselves with scam practices. You should not trust anything that is not included on this website. The content published is verified by our top management team and confirmed valid. We take a normal price of $4,000 for a 3 days funeral wake and $4,700 for a 5 days funeral service. We have no hidden charge; you will only pay the amount labeled on this website.
Please click here to see more about our Soka funeral package and the itemized services associated with Soka practices.

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We are the preferred funeral Soka service provider here in Singapore. Call us today and inquire more about our Soka Funeral Services or packages. Our primary contact details are +65 5454 9854 and online form.

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