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Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

We have to admit that the upcoming companies offering funeral services are not well conversant with the practices associated with Taoist funerals. There are some connections between Taoist and Buddhism customaries when it comes to a funeral procession. Essentially, we have a funeral manager and expert staffs who are specialized in Buddhism and Taoist services. They skillfully perform all the Taoist related task and also offer guidance and counseling to the bereaved families mourning their loved ones. In our company, these professionals are tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the Taoist funeral procession is conducted successfully. You can engage us to run the entire funeral traditions obligated to Taoist funeral. Be assured, we have specialists who are well adept in the Taoist funeral rites and Chinese funeral traditions. Contact us and get the right advice from our advisors if you are one of the Taoist devotees.
Traditional practices in Taoist funeral involve washing the body of the deceased with a wet towel and talcum powder. After which the body is wrapped with the finest cloth in preparation for the burial. It is important to note that Taoist do not use red cloths. We perform it all based on your desire. As a Taoist funeral service provider, we also arrange for the funeral feast after the burial session.

Why Choose our Taoist Funeral Services?

It is difficult to find a Taoist funeral service provider here in Singapore. This is exactly why we grabbed this opportunity as specialists in Taoist funeral services. We have gained enough experience in this industry and many Taoist families believe in our services because of the testimony released by our clients. We treat the deceased based on the Taoist traditions and family desire. As stated earlier on this page, we have specialized advisors who are cultured with Taoist customs irrespective of linguistic difference. We have been serving Singapore families for a period of 30 years, so everyone can easily depend on our familiarity with Taoist funeral services. We boast ourselves to deliver wonderful funeral services and that is why Taoist families prefer our services.

Our Taoist Funeral Packages

Our aim is to set a standard price that is fair to everyone regardless of social classes. For this package, we charge a normal price of $6,500 for a 3 days funeral stay. Our dedicated staffs will perform all the traditions associated with Taoist funeral. Administered by our experienced directors, we cover all the necessities for an honorary funeral. This price is fixed to comply with our pricing regulation, which is affordable and acceptable by many Taoist families. You can browse the itemized list of this package by visiting this page link.

Need Further Assistance About Our Taoist Funeral Service?

Contact us today at Eternity Funeral or Eternity Funeral to get more about our Taoist Funeral Service. Kindly allow us to conduct your Taoist funeral and reduce your burden at this sorrowful moment.

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