Taoist Funeral Services

For the people who follow the Taoist culture and believe, some companies provide Taoist funeral services. The Taoist practices are different from other religions, and therefore people prefer hiring a funeral service company rather than risking conducting any of the last rituals in the wrong way on their own.

The following services are provided under the Taoists funeral packages:

  • The coffin is unique, like other coffins, it is rectangular but has humps designed on it. The companies which provide Taoist funeral packages have their coffin manufacturers which deal in the same.
  • The deceased is dressed in neutral colors of white, black or brown as per the Taoists’ believes. And red color is never used for the same since there is a saying in this religion that the soul of the bygone will come back on earth in the form of the ghost. Usually people dress up the body as per the customs, but the clothes need to be provided by the family of the deceased.
  • Mourners are also available under the Taoists’ funeral package. It is said that the loudest cry is when the coffin is about to be closed. This signifies that the bygone was dear to all and was loved by all.
  • Taoists priest is also there who chants all the sayings and prayers. And the transportation of the coffin from the place of the funeral to the place of the burial is also taken due care by the Taoists funeral company.
  • The after funeral ceremonies of prayers to be done at every seven days and mourning for 49 days is also handled by the Taoists funeral service company.

With all to be managed by the funeral company, the near and dear ones can spend their last moments with the bygone in a peaceful and hustle free manner.

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