Taoist funerals

A Taoist funeral is a very simple ceremony. This is because Taoism does not believe in life after death, rather it focuses on life. It places great emphasis on living a long and healthy life by adopting a healthy lifestyle and achieving mental peace. The Taoist funeral ceremonies are usually held at the home of the deceased person. The ceremony includes an altar upon which certain things like candles, tea, rice, water, a lamp, fruits, etc are placed. After everyone had paid their last respects to the deceased the body is taken to a burial ground for a Taoist burial. After the burial, a funeral feast is held where a seat is left vacant for the deceased soul.

The funeral attendees are supposed to dress modestly and preferable in white. It is a Taoist tradition to bring a funeral gift. The attendees are supposed to bring a white envelope containing money as a funeral gift. This money is gifted to help the grief stricken family with payments related to funeral. Taoist followers believe that the amount of money should be in odd numbers as they relate even numbers with happiness. The attendees can also give a material gift along with the money envelope which they think will be helpful for the family in these difficult times. As a return gift, the family is supposed to give the attendees coins and sweets.

Even though a Taoist funeral is a simple ceremony, it could be really tiring to conduct one all by yourself. There are plenty of professionals out there who manage the whole event for you. Repatriation services in Singapore are very popular because they provide great relief at a time of distress. Search for repatriation services in Singapore and pick one which fits your budget and cultural needs.

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