What all is Included in a Catholic Funeral Package?

Catholics are one of the highest numbers all around the world. These people believe in life after death and strongly adhere to the teaching of Jesus. They also believe firmly that Jesus came back to life after death just to save the whole mankind from sins. And this ideology is also reflected in catholic funerals.

Whenever one will go for a catholic funeral package, he or she will have to book the company’s service for the following rites:

  • Vigil: This is the first right which is included in the catholic funeral package. Through this rite, the loved ones show their love and respect for the bygone and also console the grieving family. This ceremony is usually completed with a video or some pictures shown of the family and relishing the memories.
  • Funeral Mass: This ceremony is held at the church, and the contribution of the company providing the catholic funeral package is to make all the arrangements for the mass in collaboration with the church which the grieving family goes to. The main crux of this ceremony is that the body should be present in the church during the mass so that the church also the temple of the Holy Spirit could honor and bless the body.
  • The last rite: This is the final goodbye being said the one leaving forever. Usually, this rite is conducted at the burial or cremation site, and the company provides mourners for supporting the deceased’s family and friends. A catholic priest is also present at this time who chants various catholic prayers and also conducts all the customs related to the burial. Usually, the catholic cemetery is chosen for the same.

Any individual going for a catholic funeral package needs to discuss the arrangements required for the funeral for mainly these three ceremonies with the company. There are many other aspects also related to the same which are included in the package.

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